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Bella Vista Lyrics and other poems
The Daddy Boy

I love a whole heart Daddy Boy
     Who has a  bushel soul
Who is no manikin or toy
      But boy from start to goal

Whose energy is runnin' o'er
      An' drippin from his face,
Who teases Towser till he's "sore"
      An banters him a race.

He rides o' dobbin in a dash
      An' may be gallops some,
An' all creation's gone kersmash
      If he can't make 'er hum.

He shoots his aggies straight from taw
      An' busts the ring that wuz;
He plays the game without a draw
      Jest like his daddy does.

His daddy is his dearest chum
      An' tells him to be square,
To play the game of life to come
      An' treat his fellows fair.

He tells him of all the roads
      The Jesus road is best
For those who carry heavy loads
      Since they are promised rest.

An' when the lengthening shadders come,
      When daddy's dead and gone,
Of livin' pictures tha'll be some
       That Daddy drew at dawn

Within the fortress of his soul
       Upon some inner wall,
That will but guide him to the goal,
       When the trumpeter shall call.

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