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Frugal Stories

United Grocery Store was having a truck load sale on vegetables which were on the sidewalk in front of the store. I was a bit reminded of the Saturdays we used to drive down town Dallas to the farmer's market.

Potatoes were the buy today at United.  Like the corn I bought earlier at a bargain so too, were the potatoes a bargain at 1.90 a bag.

The first picture shows how I went about peeling and cutting up the spuds. The glass bowl in front is to wash the potatoes after they have been peeled. You can see the paring knife I used for peeling and the heavier knife to cut them into French fry like strips. I washed these potatoes in the bowl that have their skins still on them.  The metal pan I filled with water and put a couple tablespoons fruit fresh on them. You can see the small container of that with a green lid.  The fruit fresh is necessary or they will turn dark and quickly.

The second picture shows the potatoes after they are in a gallon sized plastic bag. Add as much of the water with the Fruit Fresh in it where you have been soaking the cut up potatoes. Cut up French fry potatoes can be purchased but not at 1.00 a bag which is what this savings amounted.

You can see the new tile counter I recently did in this picture.  That story is on my crafts page:

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