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Donna's Poems
Gusty and Lusty

Today the breezes in Oklahoma are gusty,
Still and all, whipping ever gently to turn,
Fly away from them the leaves in color,
Bright yellow butterflies for nectar lusty.

Marigolds down my drive do stand,
They are there as a bright dot of color,
Wishing an artist would copy with brush,
An impressionist's heart rhythm planed.

Today,  I thank those powers above me,
For the gusty breeze, for nectar lusty,
Drawing simple pleasures of autumn joy,
Taking us all  to our knee.

These are of the immediate greater plan,
Many those more abstract problems ride,
Those horses in the sky and distant,
Let others wrestle war and hardship to man.

We will tussle with the common place,
Whether the children are bathed and fed,
If there is a place they will sleep,
Pray we teach them of his grace.

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