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Donna's Poems
Half of This, Half of That
by Donna Flood

The wisdom of our elders surely spoke,
As they allow those of one half blood.
Go their own way to this or that folk.
Half the time to ways of Native bud,
And half the time to ways of other to stoke,
Following one or the other, I stood.

Gave me the right and respect for each side,
Didn't force me to made hard and fast debt.
There was nothing wrong with the stride,
First to one and then the other, not a pet.
They had a place for me and called right,
Clan of the half-breed, don't forget.

Those folks are gone now, but I do  recall,
How they loved to welcome me to the camp,
They made me feel so bright and tall,
Wondering about me carrying my lamp,
Whether I was walking along, not to fall,
If no where else but there, I had their stamp.

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