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Donna's Poems
These Days of History, April 2003

How can someone like me who is vaguely able,
To understand  what giant resides in a stable.

I,  of who am the most simple of people,
No learning but just under that steeple.

It makes me glad I had the good sense,
To use duct tape over my mouth as well as dents.

Certainty my vision is to the back yard,
And  never knew of this broken shard,

Iraqi folks cheer and proclaim, anger consuming,
Rose up after the bombs and guns stopped booming.

It seems to me this must be worth a moments record,
To know that what we all believed was adored,

Wasn't as we knew or believed at all,
And that was before this last call.

What else is there in this great world that seems to be,
Isn't at all as it is told to you and me.

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