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Donna's Poems
Ballad of Krista DeAnn

Come little children gather 'round this land
Listen to the ballad of Krista DeAnn
For now what was her bright tomorrow
That adversary of man took, didn't even borrow.

Seven a.m. in the morn was the time she died,
As the trek to Oklahoma State University she tried.
Four miles north of Stillwater that town
There they hit her head on, threw her down.

Heed you  who play well
Krista was going for her credential
To start her job today and to teach school
When that enemy of man destroyed our tool.

Saturday morn'  2005, early on February Fifth
Didn't even have a chance for air lift
Died she there on that stretch of prairie road,
Leaving us grievin' with this heavy load.

Her six month ole' babe, Gracee Bell, won't know
The eight year old will be told
Her husband can only stand and stay the lonely
Bury his grief at Foraker with friend and family only.

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