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Donna's Poems
Not a Leader

The day I discovered
At the age of sixty-six,
I'm not a leader,
Surely not one to fix.

Mom's air conditioner went out,
Oklahoma's August blazin'
She's  pacing the floor,
Wants, Get goin' funds a raisin'

One of the family cried wolf,
The other looked through eyes slit,
Still another searched for a buy,
Another said, "I'll throw a fit.

Reminded me of a team of six white
Broke in their traces,
Each one pulled here and there,
Stopped dead in their races.

One wanted to spend a thousand,
Another only a hundred,
One wanted it on credit,
Someone else shook their head.

And I, staggered through chores
Hurry! change the two year old's drawers,
Mop up their spills on chair and floors,
Another phone call on air? I'm out these doors.

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