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Donna's Poems
Les Gilliam

When we've run the full race,
Battered we are and long of face.

Maybe our arms and legs want to give,
We're spent but we know we will live.

A quiet note tells us of Les and his wife,
She is right with him a strong arm, his life.

The evening was cool and rainy blue,
No matter, had to go see Les pass through.

We listened to that guitar only Les's voice,
Sang any song called out, anyone's choice.

Oklahoma's tales of hard work and strife,
Woven on dancing strings set to our life,

Walked away not only with their signature
On her cookbook and his CD to be sure,

But too with renewed spirit we stepped,
Sure we could go on, we are not whipped.

As long as there are folks like Les and his,
Easy, loving, caring, they make life a whiz.

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