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Donna's Poems
by Donna Flood

"Who gave you such a frivolous sounding name,"

"I'll bet they had no inclination of all you hold,"
"By Golly!"

"Did they think of how you are green when all else is,"
"Winter dried as parchment?"

"How your colored branches reach to the highest heights,"
"When, where have all the flowers went?"

"A common, homely space has become, respectable,"
"If it's all the same to you?"

"A reminder of what a sense of humor someone had,"
"Let us see forever's view."

"Ole pine, I've enjoyed every day of our life together,"
"Me on the ground, and you touching into the weather."

Maybe this is the reason for the frivolity,
"Is your name obviously for the jolly?"
"I won't worry or question you further, Loblolly."

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