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Donna's Poems
Prayers for Mama's
by Donna Flood

This day and time honours the career woman,
So proud of ladies accomplishments human.

Left away from the glory and the kudos'
Comment like "Well, what does She do?"

This little skimpy lines of verse,
I'm sure will not delay the hearse

Still we as women see our sister's cry,
The unbalance, lack of reason, children die.

Insanity?  if it so the whole culture is.
There are no medals, or glories Miz.

On the back burner the training,  their care,
Don't reach out for help, it isn't there.

If your psychiatrist is a woman too,
You are ever doomed to be blue.

She's as muddled with the dilemma's dream,
Probably, if she could she too would scream.

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