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Donna's Poems
It Don't Matter, No How
by Donna Flood

If there was a shadow on the wading pool
It don't matter, no how, that's cool.

Maybe the World War II held your Dad,
It don't matter, no how, he returned glad.

You were off and again away with your gal,
It don't matter, no how, she was your pal.

There were always letters and a voice tape,
It don't matter, no how, things in shape.

All the tiny bits of your life in a stream,
It don't matter, no how, it was your dream.

Viet Nam and you joked about it,
It don't matter no how, You have the wit.

Then things were okay for you again,
It don't matter, no how, There you been.

Good job, education, work all is smooth,
It don't matter, no how, we all did approve.

They tell us you must leave again, now
It matters, it matters, it matters, anyhow.

It matters.

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