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Donna's Poems
My Friend
by Donna Flood

You stepped youthful and delightfully curious,
Wrestled did you with gigantic things furious.
I reached to touch your hand to pull you free
Slipped you away, while I held so desperately.

You and I talked of our hope for roses, of earth, of vast spaces.
You knew there was more ahead of another time and graces.
Our minds allowed us to meet these promised things with calm;
For the torn places, the scars, the broken hearts, these were our balm.

In death you sent a coded message to me;
Delivered by a daughter who spoke it innocently.
Your wish posted from the grave;
Instructions to render me still, your slave.

These many years I have been loyal to your wishes.
Your gentle pleadings you left were not that ambitious;
You only pleaded for that of a mother's loving care.
My friend, so wise, this binding held us both as your heir.

There is but one more thing to be done,
For your rest to be won,
A spreading of  your ashes across this vast mountain air,
Now you are here with your beloved,  my friend, my friend, so fair.

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