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Donna's Poems
Only For My Children

You won't listen my children all,
Gravity is too strong that call.
You wanted a sip of that bitter grog
No matter it was filled with smog.

Don't point your finger at power
Nor stop shudder and cower
The blame belongs to no one else
Take a look at our own self.

Weren't we called to discipline
Released from the whim?
Instead given a sparkling dew drop
On leaves from tree, bottom to top.

Or maybe at early morning we saw a fairies's ring
Stopped to behold the light on mushrooms to bring
The wonder of the world in purity
And there, you see, you were free.

When did you rise  up to that other's will
Throw away wisdom hard won by study's skill?
Sacrificed children through Baal's ignorant fire
I weep, I weep, I weep,  and I tire.

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