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Donna's Poems
The Pot Bellied Pig
by Donna Flood

Milly the Mare snorted in her well bred way,
"Go your way" "Who invited you this day?

The little Pot Bellied Pig ducked his head,
Went to visit Bowser instead.

"Humph!"  "You aren't accepted here."
"Can't you see?" "We've made it quite clear."

The little pig was not to be deterred,
He had no bad habits, in a word.

The neighborhood was all astir,
This was a strange creature, for sure.

The sheriff was called and was puzzled,
"The pig's dangerous why isn't he muzzled?"

The word was spread via the scanner,
Much the same as putting out a banner.

The owner appeared and bundled him off,
To the  pick-up bed he did loft.

The last we heard of the friendly little beast,
Was that he was pouting, at least.

Insult upon insult for trying to make friends,
A new gold nose ring, punished his whims.

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