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Donna's Poems
On Taking a Stand

Some phrases are bold,
From those empowered told.
They preach to their youth,
“Take a stand,” Up to the roof.

Remember! Our Native young,
Don't get caught in that trap strung.
Use your common sense,
Up on that fence,

You are as clear a target,
For lethal weapons have not regret,
Instead, sit you down,
In a classroom around.

Think hard and fast with your mind,
Absorb yourself with learning's kind.
Do your standing tall,
In abstract, steady thinking's wall.

Save yourself from a Wounded Knee
Keep your privileges free.
There is no glory in prison floor,
Keep the key to your door.

Sit you down,
Fight for your own living round,
Stand not against unmatched odds,
One life, no good, under sods.

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