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Donna's Poems
That Texas Playboy

Landscape near Turkey, Texas by Faye Heffington
Landscape near Turkey, Texas. Photograph by Faye Heffington

Something in my heart bring me back to these rolling hills
Caught on film outside of Turkey, Texas and her rills.

Now I know that Texas Playboy by name of Bob Wills
His fiddle and fun loving, "ah Hah"  memory stills,

Those were the days when we were just kids,
Late night stay awake for the dance our bids.

I'd give anything if I could give my own little one,
Such a great memory like this of so much fun.

Peaceful play on the old stone front porch there,
Bob and his boys came from Texas somewhere,

Turns out it was that town called Turkey,
Way far away from Oklahoma hills and lea.

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