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Donna's Poems
Tumble Weeds

Tumbleweed picture taken by Faye Heffington

Surrealistic lines all wrapped in the curious,
Born of a climate of temperatures furious.

Pulled and torn about over miles of terrain,
Gathered together collected from rolling to refrain,

Rest for a while where  ridge will hold,
Let us wonder about you of what fold?

Have you come to laugh about our stay,
On hill, plain, prairie or grounded tray?

Are you strong as wire, delicate as lace,
Was your sojourn leisurely or at a race?

We are like children as we gaze with interest,
Across 'scape where you lend yourself so generous.

Giving something where before there was nothing,
Beg our lives in a wink as well,  lift away suffering.

Tumble weed, tumble weed, stay for a while,
Although I know you are anxious for next mile.

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