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Donna's Poems
Wildflowers in Oklahoma
by Donna Flood

Wildflowers in New Mexico - Picture by Faye Heffington
Wildflowers in New Mexico - Picture by Faye Heffington

Maybe the land cried aloud one day.
Did it speak in tones clear and rich?
Can the earth reach heavenward to pray?
Was it just a break from the soil's clay?

Surely if it did and then you know,
There was a strong request sent up.
Please give us something here to grow,
Something man will not have to sow.

As quickly as the plea was sent,
Came there a spreading all about,
Of bold and vibrant wildflowers lent.
Over ridge and prairie easily they went.

Of pot and plot they do not arrive,
Rather suddenly, willingly, gladly they burst.
From where and when did they come alive?
Effortless they are, having not to strive.

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