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Banking in Scotland
Appendix B - Further Reading


S. G. Checkland: Scottish Banking: A History 1695-1973. Collins. Glasgow 1975
C. W. Munn: The Scottish Provincial Banking Companies 1747-1864. John Donald. Edinburgh 1981

All banks have produced their own house histories at some time in the past but these have been largely out-dated by the above.

Current Affairs

M. Gaskin: The Scottish Banks: A Modern Survey. Allen and Unwin. London 1965

Committee of Scottish Clearing Bankers, Evidence on the Financing of Industry and Trade to the Committee to Review the Functioning of Financial Institutions, vol. 6.

Students of banking should read the following for very recent developments in banking.

1. The Scottish Bankers' Magazine
2. The Bankers Magazine
3. The Banker

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