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Scottish Banking Practice
Banking in Scotland by Charles W. Munn, B.A., Ph.D. (1982)

Our thanks to the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland for letting us publish this handbook.

This booklet is the first in a series (a full list of titles is given on the back cover) produced by the Institute of Bankers in Scotland. The original text was written in 1949 by Frank Taylor, then the General Secretary of the Institute, but this new edition has been completely revised and updated.

The booklet gives a brief introduction to the origins and developments of Scottish Banking which, in spite of mergers and takeovers, still retains some of the unique flavour which at one time made it the most advanced banking system in the world.

The booklet is an ideal introduction to the Scottish Banking system for new recruits to the Banks who intend to study for the Institute's examinations and should also be a useful reference source for the practising banker and the general reader seeking a brief introduction to the Scottish Banking scene.

The author, Dr Charles Munn, is a lecturer in History at the University of Glasgow and author of the book The Scottish Provincial Banking Companies, 1747-1864.

ISBN: 0 901473 07 3


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