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The P.T. Barnum of the Barnum and Bailey Circus
by Joel Benton

This story contains similarities of two aspiring young men a century apart. They both had a dream for their lives and pursued that passion.  Their dreams became a reality in spite of the difficulties.  One introduced a famous singer to America, the other has introduced a son,. His father and mother hoping against hope, that he too will have a dream and turn it into reality. Lu Hickey

Chapter IIn the Beginning
Chapter IIEarly Years At Bethel.
Chapter IIIBusiness Life.
Chapter IVTrying Many Ventures.
Chapter VBeginning As a Showman.
Chapter VIIncidents of a Circus Tour.
Chapter VIIHard Times.
Chapter VIIIThe American Museum.
Chapter IXIncreased Popularity of the Museum.
Chapter XGiants and Dwarfs.
Chapter XITom Thumb in London.
Chapter XIIIn France.
Chapter XIIIIn Belgium.
Chapter XIVIn England Again.
Chapter XVAt Home.
Chapter XVIJenny Lind.
Chapter XVIIArrival of Jenny Lind.
Chapter XVIIIContinued Triumph.
Chapter XIXHavana.
Chapter XXThe Trials of an Impressario.
Chapter XXIClosing the Grand Tour.
Chapter XXIIA Few Side Issues.
Chapter XXIIISome Domestic Enterprises.
Chapter XXIVThe Jerome Clock Company.
Chapter XXVThe Wheat and the Chaff.
Chapter XXVIIdleness Without Rest.
Chapter XXVIIA Prosperous Exile.
Chapter XXVIIIHome Again.
Chapter XXIXThe Art of Money Getting.
Chapter XXXAn Enterprising Englishman.
Chapter XXXIAt Home Again.
Chapter XXXIIThe Story of "Grizzly Adams."
Chapter XXXIIIBuilding a City.
Chapter XXXIVGreat Year At the Museum.
Chapter XXXVGeneral and Mrs. Tom Thumb.
Chapter XXXVIPolitical Notes.
Chapter XXXVIIBurning of the American Museum.
Chapter XXXVIIIPolitical Life.
Chapter XXXIXFighting a Newspaper
Chapter XLBridgeport
Chapter XLIHonors and Adulations.
Chapter 42An Employee of the Circus talks