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Reminiscences of Cromar and Canada
By Donald Robert Farquharson


In committing to the press this unpretentious little book I beg to acknowledge my indebtedness for inspiration and assistance towards its preparation to my revered old teacher and friend the late Rev. John Grant Michie, whose books on Deeside, Logie Coldstone and Loch Kinord, as well as his enthusiasm, in reviving; other local memories, otherwise all but dead and forgotten, strongly impressed my youthful mind to my own father for many of the old local traditions and current sayings and by his manifested interest in so many of the people and characters in the parish and surrounding district; and to my brother William and my nephew David A. Stewart who, on my retirement from active service in the Customs Office in Chatham, Ontario, urged me to undertake the writing of these tales and memories, and have given willing and most appreciated assistance in collecting material, arranging chapters and reading proofs.

I trust that the narrative thus produced may prove of some interest to the rising generation at least and that it may help its reader to appreciate more fully the struggles of their forefathers and to exercise in the trials which they themselves will doubtless be confronted a like faith, courage and patience.


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