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Canadian Scottish History
Part 2


Continued from Part 1

  • Alexander Mackinnon Burgess
    Deputy Minister of the Interior of Canada, was born on the 21st of October, 1850, at Strathspey, Inverness-shire, Scotland.
  • Rev. Thos. Metcalfe Campbell
    A minister of the Methodist Church, and now stationed at Goderich, is the eldest son of the late John and Margaret Campbell, of Dundas.
  • Hon. Adam Crooks
    LL.B., late Minister of Education for the Province of Ontario.
  • The RCMP Pipes & Drums of Sherwood Park
    Our band was founded during the fall of 1997, in the Hamlet of Sherwood Park, a community of about fifty thousand citizens which borders on the Eastern boundary of the City of Edmonton.  It is a Community based - Police sponsored Pipe Band.
  • Commissioner MacLeod RCMP
    Col. Macleod would set up court in his buckboard wagon in the middle of the prairie and rule without the aid of legal texts or precedents.
  • Ezra Butler Eddy
    In 1871 he was elected to the Quebec Legislature, and sat for four years. Upon the establishment of the Ottawa Ladies' College, he was made president, and held that position for some years; and he was also mayor of Hull for several years.
  • Honourable Christopher Finlay Fraser, M. P. P.
    One of the most eloquent debaters in Canada, was born at Brockville, in October, 1839. Mr. Fraser is of Celtic origin, his father, John Fraser, being a Scotch Highlander, and his mother, Sarah, nee Burke, of Irish birth and parentage.
  • James Thompson Garrow
    As a lawyer Mr. Garrow stands very high in his profession, for industry, for ability, and for high personal worth.
  • John M. Grant
    During the year 1884-5 he filled the position of mayor to the fullest satisfaction of the people. He has always been aggressive and progressive in his advocacy of public questions; and has done a great deal to bring Woodstock into prominence and position.
  • Hon. Geo. William Ross, LL.B., M.P.P.
    Mr. Ross was first elected representative of West Middlesex in the House of Commons in 1872; two years afterwards, at the general election, he was returned by acclamation; he was again returned in the years 1878 and 1882.
  • Robert Scott
    In 1885 he was elected mayor of Galt, and a most worthy chief magistrate has he proven himself to be.
  • Samuel Woods
    He was, at the urgent request of the Board of Managers of the Ottawa Ladies' College, induced to accept the principalship of the college. In this excellent institution he is carrying out those ideas of education, which he has so long held and advocated, and is rapidly acquiring a very high place for his college. 
  • Hon. John Young
    He was chosen Commissioner of Public Works in the formation of the Hincks-Morin Cabinet, and he found a seat for Montreal, and continued to represent it until 1857, when ill-health compelled him to retire.
  • Hector Cameron
    M.A., Q. C., Toronto, M. P. for North Victoria, Ontario, one of the most distinguished of our public men, and a brilliant and able advocate.
  • William Cochrane
    Minister of Zion Church, Brantford. He was unanimously elected to the highest gift within the church - the moderatorship of the General Assembly.
  • John Martin Fraser
    B. A., M. D., Member Royal College of Surgeons, England; Member Obstetical Society of Dublin; Professor Principles and Practice of Medicine, in Western University, London, Ontario; Surgeon of 7th Fusiliers.
  • 10,000 Scots gather for games here in 1892
    On Wednesday, August 12, 1892, 10,000 ~ez_ldquo~sons and daughters of Scotland~ez_rdquo~ gathered at East Hill Park in Owen Sound to celebrate the homeland by way of the games of the Highlands.  They came from all parts of Ontario, from Fergus, Galt, and Guelph, from Glengarry County, and from the counties of Grey and Bruce.
  • A History of the Perth Area
    Transcribed by Charles Dobie from an original typescript which was recently donated to the Perth Museum. This seems to be an address to a meeting of the Lanark Oldtimers Association, which was active in Winnipeg.
  • Prince Edward Island
    The Scottish connections and stories. Link on this page to additional information.
  • George Gall
    Well known Contractor and Builder.
  • History of Erin Township
    In spite of the Irish name, the Township of Erin was settled by many Scottish settlers, and very Scottish, at that. Erin Twp. had a Scottish Block. Gaelic became the universal language, and later, in Court sittings an interpreter was needed.
  • The History of the Presbyterian Church in St Ann's
    St. Ann's has the distinction of being the first Presbyterian congregation in Cape Breton, and the Rev. Norman McLeod the first minister to make his home on Cape Breton Island.
  • South Bruce
    A short history of the municipalities policed by the South Bruce Detachment.
  • Early Canadiana Online [External Link]
    A project to provide enhanced access to Canada's published heritage in which there are many references to information on Scottish settlers and Canadian Scots.
  • Family History Source Guide [External Link]
    This outline introduces the records you can use to discover your Canadian ancestors. It describes the content, use, and availability of major regional and nationwide genealogical records. Use this and outlines of the provinces to set research goals and to select the records that will help you achieve them.
  • Reminscences of James P. Howley: selected years [External Link]
    This is an online scanned book which gives a detailed account of the Howley's years from 1868 when he was surveying Newfoundland. He was particularly interested in the experiences of new settlers and within that you'll find some detailed accounts of Scots Highlanders that had settled in the area. Overall it's an excellent account of the times and well worth a read.
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online [External Link]
    Use the search engine here to locate many biographies of Scots in Canada.
  • Andrew Allan
    Part owner with his brother in a major shipping line of some fourteen sailing ships.
  • John Dougall
    There are few good men now living who have done more good as a journalist and a temperance reformer than the subject of our sketch.
  • The Scottish Military Tradition in Canada
    An historical account from the 1800's through to present day.
  • Graeme Mercer Adam
    His services to literature have been wide and important, for he has been journalist, educationist, critic, reviewer and essay-writer.
  • Adam Brown
    To which much credit is due for the building of the Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway.
  • Hon. Thomas Galt
    Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.
  • The Pioneers
    An excellent account of the Highland pioneers that settled the Marsboro, Lingwick, Winslow and Hampden areas of Canada.
  • Early Scottish Pioneers Recognized in Stornoway Ceremony
    Scottish pioneers expelled from their homeland settled the area in the mid-19th century. Local historians estimate that they numbered up to 20,000. About 275 of their descendants attended the colorful ceremony, which took the form of a tri-lingual open-air service of the Presbyterian Church.
  • Identifying the Highland Scots
    Nineteenth century immigrants in Nova Scotia.
  • Angus MacLeod
    About Angus and his Torquil Productions company and his music CD "The Silent Ones, a Legacy of the Highland Clearances".
  • The Western Canadian Alternative
    An account of how the Scots emigrated to Canada and particularly Western Canada.
  • Alexander MacDonnell
    First Bishop of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, b. 17 July 1760, at Inchlaggan in Glengarry, Scotland; d. 14 January, 1840, at Dumfries, Scotland.
  • Finnan McDonald
    The greatest frontiersman of them all!
  • Scotland's Lost Braves
    They~ez_rsquo~re the forgotten descendants of Scots employed by the Hudson~ez_rsquo~s Bay Trading Company. Now they are bridging the divide caused by distance, prejudice and generations of neglect.
  • William Colquhoun
    A member of the legislature of Ontario.
  • Charles Charteris
    Mr. Charteris has had a conspicuous career in municipal politics. He sat for two terms in the town council; was the second mayor of Chatham (1857) and acted for a period as chairman of the Board of School Trustees.
  • Historica [External Link] is an educational website developed to promote the teaching and learning of Canadian history and heritage. It contains teacher lesson plans, student games, heritage minutes, links and other resources.
  • Alec McDonald
    The last true Gaelic speaker in Glengarry, Canada.
  • Alexander Mackenzie
    Canada's 1st Liberal Prime Minister and the 2nd Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Sandford Fleming
    The most prominent and original of Canadian engineers.
  • Grant, Alexander
    A Scot who in 1804 found himself in charge of the whole shootin' match for Ontario and named President.
  • Cassils, William
    President of the Canada Central Railway Company
  • Scot of the Year Awards
    In Canada, the Scottish Studies Society sponsors an Annual Tartan Day Celebration Dinner during April. Since the inception of this event, the following prominent Canadians of Scottish origin have been named Scot of the Year.
  • John Fraser de Berry
    At the time of the American invasion he distinguished himself as captain of the 84th or Royal Highland Emigrant Regiment.
  • Marie & Neil Fraser
    Two prominent Canadians of the Clan Fraser
  • Dr William Carson
    Called the Parent of Agriculture in Newfoundland.
  • Patrick Campbell: Travels in North America
    An excellent account of the period between 1791 - 1792
  • William Douglas Balfour
    An eminent politician.
  • Genealogical Sketches
    Information on a number of Scots folk now resident in Cape Breton.
  • From the Outer Hebrides to Cape Breton
    An article by Bill Lawson
  • Customs and Traditions
    By Drummer on Foot.
  • Then and Now
    A tale of survival woven from threads of old lore.
  • Fair is the Place
    Some excerpts from early Cape Breton Life
  • From The Outer Hebrides to Prince Edward Island & Wallace, Nova Scotia
    by Bill Lawson
  • Lord Strathcona
    Business man and empire builder.
  • Bartlet, Alexander
    Police Magistrate.
  • Beattie, John
  • Brown, John Gordon
    Former editor of the Globe newspaper.
  • Cant, John
    Businessman and Town Councillor of Galt.
  • Darling, William
    President of the Board of Trade.
  • Dingwall, James
    Descended from distinguished ancestors and owner of a major law practice who did much good for his local town of Cornwall.
  • Dougall, Duncan
    Barrister-at-Law, Windsor, Ontario.
  • Gillies, Major John
    Member of the legislature for the North Riding of Bruce.
  • Ferrier, Alexander David
  • Gilmour, Allan
    Businessman and Art Collector.
  • Albertans
    This is an account given of Albertans of Scots descent.
  • Macleod, James Alexander Farquharson
    Commissioner of the Canadian Mounties.
  • Grant, Rev. George Monro
    Head of the University of Queen's college at Kingston.
  • Gunn, Alexander
    M.P. for the City of Kingston, Ontario.
  • Hay, Robert
    M.P. and owner of the largest cabinetmaker business in Canada.
  • Johnstone, John
    Inspector of schools for South Hastings and Belleville.
  • Hogg, William Drummond
  • Innes, Rev. George Mignon
    Canon and Rector of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Ontario.
  • Carmichael, James
    Businessman and Postmaster.
  • Innes, William Patrick
  • Jaffray, William
    Editor and Councillor.
  • MacDonald, Johnny Archie
    Scottish music, in the finest Cape Breton tradition, lives on in Detroit, Michigan, thanks to Johnny Archie MacDonald who grew up in Little Judique Ponds just after the turn of the century.
  • Rev. Robert Jardine
    A significant churchman and missionary.
  • Dewar, John
    Crown Attorney and Clerk of the Peace.
  • Joss, John
    Regarded as one of the foremost contractors in Toronto.
  • Leitch, James
    He has been retained in some of the most important civil trials in the united counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
  • Lorne, Marquis of
    The Right Hon. Sir John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell, ex-Governor-General of Canada.
  • Lumsden, Hugh David
    Dominion Land Surveyor, and Provincial Land Surveyor for the Province of Ontario.
  • MacArthur, Donald Alexander
    Warden of the united counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry.
  • Macdonell, George
    Warden of the united counties of Dundas, Stormont and Glengarry as well as businessman and postmaster.
  • Macdonell, Samuel Smith
    Q.C. and a man of great public activity and worth to the community.
  • Macqueen, Frederick William
    A captain in the militia and of old Scottish stock.
  • Macdougall, John Lordon
    Auditor General for the Dominion of Canada, Ottawa.
  • Macdougall, Dougall
    A great Reformer.
  • McIntyre, Daniel Eugene
    M.D. and Sheriff of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glenfarry.
  • Macintyre, Thomas Macfarlane
    Principal of the Ladies' College.
  • Maclean, Rev. Mathew Witherspoon
    Minister of St. Andrew's church, Belleville.
  • Maclennan, Donald Ban
    Q.C., Barrister-at-Law, Cornwall
  • McMillan, Honourable Donald
    M.D. Senator for the Dominion of Canada, Alexandria, Ontario.
  • McMillan, Hugh
    M.P., J.P., Captain of Militia, Rigaud, Quebec
  • MacMurchy, Archibald
    Well known and much respected rector of the Toronto Collegiate Institute, and one of the foremost educationists of the province.
  • MacPherson, D.M.
    A major cheese manufacturer.
  • Macpherson, Lt.-Colonel John
    Director of Dominion Government Militia Stores, and Keeper of Militia Properties.
  • MacVicar, D.H.
    D.D., LL.D., Principal of the Presbyterian College, Montreal and Professor of Dogmatics, Church Government and Homiletics.
  • Mair, Charles
    Author of "Tecumseh".
  • Matheson, David
    Assistant Superintendent of the Savings Bank Branch of the Post Office Department, Ottawa.
  • Macbeth, John
    Lieutenant-Colonel, London, Ont.
  • In our dreams we behold the Hebrides
    By Jim St. Clair, The Heritage of Inverness County
  • McColman, Neil
    M.P.P. and was elected to the township council of Collingwood, and in 1869 was elected reeve for the same township.
  • McDonald, Herbert Stone
    Judge of the County Court of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.
  • McDonald, Rev. Alex. Douglas
    Pastor of, the First Presbyterian church, Seaforth.
  • McGibbon, Duncan
    Grand representative of the ancient order of United Workmen.
  • McGill, Hon. James
    The founder of McGill University, in Montreal.
  • McGregor, James
    Superintendent of the large car building shops of the Michigan Car Company, at Detroit.
  • McKellar, Archibald
    A successful farmer near Ottawa City.
  • McKinnon, Hugh
    Chief of Police of Belleville and a noted athlete.
  • McLaughlin, James Frances
    One of Toronto's prominent general grain and flour dealers.
  • McMurrich, William Barclay
    Mayor of Toronto.
  • Morrice, David
    A wealthy businessman who has contributed much to the city of Montreal.
  • Muir, William Ker
    General Manager of the Canada Southern Railway
  • Murray, Adam
    Treasurer of Middlesex.
  • Murray, Rev. James Allister
    Minister at St. Andrew's, London.
  • Douglas, Sir Charles
    Rear Admiral
  • Nairn, Alexander
    A successful businessman.
  • Paterson, William
    M. P., Brantford, Ontario.
  • Oswald, William Robert
    Lieutenant-Colonel, commander of the Brigade of the Montreal Garrison Artillery.
  • Patterson, Rev. Ephraim
    Pastor of St. James' Church.
  • The United Empire Loyalists
    A Chronicle of the Great Migration, By W. Stewart Wallace, Toronto, 1914 (This is an e-text)
  • A Gaelic Poem
    Composed in Cape Breton in 1755
  • Shaw, George Alexander
    A direct descendant of the MacDuff line
  • Rose, Hon. Sir John
    An impressive politician
  • Ross, Alexander Milton, M.D.
    A remarkable man who contributed hugely to stopping the slave trade in America
  • John McLean
    Auhor and explorer
  • MacDonald, Sir William
    The greatest educational philanthropist in the British Empire
  • Lumsden, John M.
    Sketch of the Life of the Distinguished Statesman and Townsman
  • The Craigs of Goulbourne and North Gower
    By James Beverely Craig (.pdf file)
  • Descendant of Otonabee Pioneers Hold Family Reunion
    From an Article from ~ez_ldquo~The Examiner~ez_rdquo~ ~ez_ndash~ June 8 1930 ~ez_ndash~ Page 8
  • The Celtic people in the province of Quebec
    By Dominic Haerinck
  • The Scottish Tradition in Canada
    Edited by W. Stanford Reid
  • Sandy MacIntyre
    Famous Cape Breton Fiddler
  • Fraser's Scottish Annual
    Articles taken from the 1900 - 1904 issues.

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