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Fallbrook Farm Heritage Site
Update 2

18th March, 2008


I have just spoken with Jim Kirkwood whose cousin Alan sent me all this incredible documentation about the Balinafad farm families, They had a reunion 2 yrs. ago at the Balinafad church. We are right. The Balinafad community was totally independant of Georgetown - the poorer sister. But very vibrant. All evicted crofters 

Two quotes:

''Life was not easy in those years but they were fortunate to live in a community of relatives who were noted for helping each other when needs arose''

''I knew the family to be one most highly regarded and respected in the community, good old Scottish presbyterian stock, who with a number of other families, formed a nucleus of the community of Ballinafad, that was the very bedrock of society. He and his family carried on the tradition of gracious hospitality of the McKay family of the previous years. The pictures of Donald and Jessie are very significant.

To save Fallbrook as a last memory of that Scottish community takes on even more urgency.

We are trying to get these documents to you for the heritage meeting. Alan has them in Erin.

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