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The Parish of Longforgan
A Sketch of its Church and People by Rev. Adam Philip (1895)


This is simply a sketch, but it will, I trust, be found sufficiently careful to form a contribution to the better knowledge of the Parish. The story is a quiet one, but it has all the interest of common life, and' some points of contact, at least, with the wide world of thought and struggle. Both good men and great have trodden our fields.

The notes have been gathered from many books. Most of these are named in the text, in justice to their authors, and to facilitate the search of other labourers. The tale is not, by any means, entirely bright. But I hope that these gleanings from musty records and books ancient and modern may lead the men of today to cherish more reverently the memory of their fathers. To those who courteously permitted me to examine records in their keeping I owe special thanks.


Chapter I. Longforgan.
Chapter II. Historic Memories.
Chapter III. Ecclesiastical Traditions and History.
Chapter IV. Early Notices of the Land.
Chapter V. At the Hundhil of Langforgrund in 1385.
Chapter VI. Castle Huntly.
Chapter VII. A Longforgan Laird in the Seventeenth Century.
Chapter VIII. The Pre-reformation Church, etc.
Chapter IX. A List of Ministers in Longforgan, with biographical notes and glimpses of parish life.
Chapter X. Three Longforgan Worthies.
Chapter XI. Appendix.

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