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The Life of James Stewart
D.D. M.D. Hon.  F.R.G.S. by James Wells, D.D. (1909)


THIS book might have been fitly entitled The Life and Times of Dr. Stewart, for it records his influential share in the enterprises which have made a new world of South and Central Africa.

Several of the Chapters are occupied with the great causes which Dr. Stewart espoused; and they present his chief convictions in the form that seemed most likely to interest the many circles of young people in Great Britain and America who are now studying Foreign Missions.

My heartiest thanks are due to many helpers, foremost among whom are Mrs. Stewart and John Stephen, Esq. I wish I could thank them all, one by one.

I have drawn freely on the admirable In Memoriam number of the Christian Express, which was edited, and to a large extent written, by Dr. Roberts of Lovedale.

The Rev. J. M. Sloan, M.A., and Sir. A. R. Simpson, M.D., have revised the proofs and made many helpful suggestions.


Born 1831
Licensed as a Preacher 1860
Exploring in Central Africa 1861-63
Graduated in Medicine and Married 1866
Began as Missionary at Lovedale 1867
Planted the Gordon Memorial Mission 1870
Founded Blythswood 1873
Originated Livingstonia 1874
In Nyasaland 1876-77
The Expansion of Lovedale 1878-90
Pioneering the East African Mission 1891-92
Lectured on Evangelistic Theology in Scotland
Moderator of the General Assembly 1899-1900
Delivered the Duff Lectures 1902
Presided at First General Missionary Conference in South Africa 1904
ĎAnd He Diedí 1905

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