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Significant Scots
John Harrison

As the second oldest in a family of seven, John Harrison C.B.E., LL.D., D.L., F.R.S.E., [Master Clothier] was born in Edinburgh in 1847 to George Harrison and Jane Archbald. His father George, born in Stonehaven in 1813, was a prominent Tweed Merchant in Edinburgh who later became Sir George Harrison M.P., LL.D.

In 1879, John married Helen Roberts in Selkirk and they had six children, George, Agnes, Jane, John, Helen and Alexander before 1891. During this period John published two books, 'Oure Tounis Colledge' [1884] ..... Sketches of the history of the old college of Edinburgh, and 'The Scot in Ulster' [1888] ... Sketch of the history of the Scottish population of Ulster up to 1888. Later in life, when Chairman of the Edinburgh Public Library Committee, he also published a third book, 'The History of The Monastery of the Holy-Rood and of The Palace of Holyrood House' [1919]. John died in Edinburgh on the 10th of July, 1922, aged 74 years.

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