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Scottish Independence and Scotland's Future
The Better Together Campaign

1. You can view THE FACTS about why we are better together by clicking here. Simply scroll down the page, and you’ll be able to click on key topics and download a shareable FACTSHEET for each . The topics covered are:

Further Devolution
The case for the UK
Oil & Gas
The EU
The Pound
The Economy

2. We have an excellent new resources section, which you can view by clicking here.  There is a wealth of really valuable information on this page including Alastair Darling’s lecture, facts about your money and our currency, and all the “Scotland Analysis” papers.  You’ll also find digital copies of some of our best previous publications and campaign leaflets, and documents covering things from university funding to sustainability.  It’s the best page of our website for those looking for detailed information.


In addition, all our youtube videos can be viewed using this link.

To share a youtube video, simply click on the video you would like to watch and scroll down a bit.  There is then a tab called "share" which will present you with a code.


David Williams
Better Together