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History of Ireland

Electric Scotland is of course all about Scotland but anyone taking time to read through our pages will quickly see that there are significant ties between Ireland and Scotland. Here we intend to provide you with some historical information on Ireland and also history of the ties between our two countries. We also provide histories of Ulster and the Scots-Irish.

  • Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
    Here you will find excellent information on the history of the Gael and a good read to get you started on understanding the ties between Ireland and Scotland.
  • Annals of the Four Masters
    The Annals of the Four Masters is an extremely large and complex work and is considered anonymous but covers the history of Ireland from BC up to 1616.  If you are looking for cross references to battles, people and places you'd be advised to download this so it can be searched.  This CELT site also provides many other historical texts.
  • A history of the Irish Race
    The Irish race of today is popularly known as the Milesian Race, because the genuine Irish (Celtic) people were supposed to be descended from Milesius of Spain, whose sons, say the legendary accounts, invaded and possessed themselves of Ireland a thousand years before Christ. Here you will find a very interesting account of the history of Ireland.
  • Irish History on the Web
    This is a site dedicated to providing you with the history of Ireland and many links to historical sites. Rather than try to replicate this ourselves we feel this one site will lead you to pretty well as much history as you can handle.
  • Crookston
    A short history of the town of Crookston.
  • The History of Ulster
    From the Earliest Times to the Present Day by Ramsay Colles (1919)

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