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Charlotte Bleh’s Collection of Favourite  Nursery  Rhymes, Songs and  Poems for Children
Charlotte Marie Alvoet Bleh Juarez, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

For My Friends and Their Families

This collection began as a little gift of nursery rhymes, clip art, and a few family photographs given to Xochitl at her baby shower for her expected little girl, Lauren, in August of 2003.  However, like everything else I seem to write, it later took on a life of its own and I find myself two months later creating an anthology of my favourite nursery rhymes, poems and pieces of prose from my childhood and those I enjoyed sharing with my son and my daughters when they were very young and as they grew into their childhoods.

I hope you will accept this gift: Johnny, Tina, Stephanie, Elisabeth, Alys, Xochitl and Adriana.  I hope you will someday read my memories and find your own.  I hope you will find, as I did, the beauty of words and the music of rhythm and rhyme and pacing and expression found in poetry.  I hope you’ll feel the emotions of joy and hope and laughter and remembrance in your own lives and history as you read these works.  I hope you’ll share them with your families as you go through life.  I hope you’ll find yourselves and understand your character and strengthen your spirit and your philosophical values from these words.

And I hope you will know, long after I am gone, that I love you and will watch over you forever.