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Huddin' Ticht!

[DDJ's lyrics are best sung to the music of 'Everywhere You Go' by Shay,Goodwin & Fisher (1927)]

Een lik twa brammles, lugs lik twa baps,
Moo wi' twa curlie lips.
Sich maks fowks wonner, fan I quait chirm,
'I wint thon loon, syne blythely, tak tent o' him.'

Iv-'ry faar he'd ging,
I wid ging an' a'.
Iv-'ry faar he'd ging,
Life wid be sae braw.
I wid loo him, mak him ma ain.
We'd bide mairrit, till laist 'Amen'.
Ma hale wirld wid be richt,
Gin he'd hud me ticht!

Fifty years efter ...

Iv-'ry faar he gaed,
I shair gaed an' a'.
Iv-'ry faar he'd gaed,
Life wis sae sae braw.
I steel loo him, steel he's ma ain.
We are pairtners, till laist 'Amen'.
Oor wee wirld is delicht,
Cause we hud ilk ticht.

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