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Smachrie Fuspers

Smachrie Fuspers - Sweet Whispers

[Words composed by DDJ on 5th July, 2005, to the tune of, 'Well Meet Again'.]

There's this sang chirm'd i' lan o' the Scots'-thrissle,
Thit maist jos hiv hard, wi' a sigh,
Ahint hich beildin' wa's,
Sae smachrie it fa's,
As sich luvseek loons fusper guidbye ....

"Dinna weep fan we wull hivtae pairt,
Fer the files ye'll aye be i' ma hert.
E'en yer wirld micht doolsome be,
I wull ain day jyne hauns wi' ye,
An' i' the kirk a gowd ring I'll ye gie,
Wuppin' us twa fer a' eternity.
Sae bide-a-wee, hud leal tae me,
'Til I'm hame agin."

"Files guidbyes fesh loats hertstoonds aleen,
Camin' hame caller stert fer us agin,
An' oor mairrage fer ivver,
Is a sich dootless pleesur.
Wirth the wytin' it shair wull hiv bin!"

[Last chorus in English]

"Do not cry when we will have to part,
For that time you'll e'er be in my heart.
E'en your world might dreary be,
We will one day join hands you'll see.
And in the church a gold ring I give ye,
Binding us both for all eternity.
So patiently stay true to me,
Till I'm home again."

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