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Ochil Hills Nostalgia

Composed on 21st May, 2006 by John Henderson who was born in Causewayhead, Stirling in 1939.


From the heights of the Ochil's, look south-east and you will see
A city that's called Stirling well known in history;
Her castle on the skyline, her bridge still firm below,
Reaching o'er the winding Forth's so sluggish ebb and flow.

1297 - 1314

The monument to Wallace stands proudly guarding all;
Blessing the marshy Causeway where Edward's men did fall.
Then further down the flatlands, lay bogs from Bannock's Burn
Where ghosts of luckless Englishmen still seem to float or squirm.

1567 - 1603

From the heights of the Ochil's, look out east and there see clear
Loch Leven's lonely island and Queen Mary's prison drear.
Then further off round Falkland view King James' hunting ground,
Where there few stags if any now are stalked and cruelly downed.

1715 - 1745

From the heights of the Ochil's, look out west and you will see
A mountain called Ben Lomond in MacGregors' wild country.
Where nightly in the gloaming the sun dipped 'neath its rim,
Causing Rob-Roy seeking soldiers to chase dark shadows more than him.


From the Ochil's Dum-y-at, looking south-east I can view
The Stirling of my childhood to whom I yet hold true;
For in spite of all my roaming, I'm proud it must be said
That my birthplace and my heritage lie there in Causewayhead!

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