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Baach an Baul

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 8th July, 2006, to Peter Wolmarans' 1996 blues, 'If You Care'.

Gin ye dackle, caise ye're baach,
Trystin ithers' nae a laacht,
An thon is foo ye maun fest chynge mint.
Ain wha dachles, seen flees up;
Cowshus quait fowks, they fyles sup,
Fit orrals ootgangin fowks wull lea ahint.

Gin shairly i life ye wiss tae dae weel,
Ye maun loss ilk ferr o ony cheil,
An tak, sich buls' dips, ticht bi horns an lugs.
Ain fa's spunky, seen impruvs,
Makin fordal frae sich snooves,
An n'er remorsin camin stang o trumps.

Musical Interlude

Fan lang syne i life, ye cam leuk backlin,
Ye wull be gled ye teuk sich tirn ... thit brocht
Sich unexpeckit pleesur, easedom tae yer saul.
Ye bein fersell, ye did weel,
Nae jist fer sel bit loats sweil,
Caise ye cud chyse fan gattin baach or baul.

Aye ye cud chyse fan gattin baach or baul!

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