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New Brithers

Lyrics composed by a Grandpa to the 'Banjo Band Polka'

Ewan loon, sit ye doon, sid o wee Pete ... ay thon's naet.
Fusper wirds, luvin wirds, quait sang a teen .... guid brither bein.
Bide a wee, an him gie ... cheeper oan cheek
Fan he's oan yer airm.
Haud him doucely ... 'wa frae hairm.

Bairnie nice, ye be wyce, eese baith the een ... ye've been gien.
Caa tae mum, "Full ma tum, dae it richt seen ... whaur hiv ye been?
Mulk tae me, ye maun gie ... ilka fyow oors.
Syne a'll ging doon weel
Tae slep a fyle ... guid wee chiel."

Wee Pete an Ewan, lik ilka loon, hiv been kent tae croon.
Bairnie frae win, an affa din, gurglin up an doon.
Fyle lad wi aise, chirms tae TV's ... programmes thit him pleese.
Soonds baith mak, we aa tak - joy ilk gies.

Ewan loon, aye sits doon, sid o wee Pete ... aye thon's naet.
Fuspers wirds, luvin wirds, quait sangs a teen .... guid brither bein.
Bides a wee, him dis gie ... cheeper oan cheek
Fan he's oan his airm.
Hauds him doucely ... 'wa frae hairm.
.... 'Wa frae hairm.

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