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Each Morning

Lyrics composed by John in 2004 to the tune for 'Carolina in the Morning'

Nothing more designed to chill was getting up to Jordanhill,
Each morning.
Coach was there to meet us and he never failed to greet us there,
Each morning.
Then with so much keen-ness,
Through the old gym door,
He bellowed out, the orders,
We all yearned to hear no more.

Nothing more designed to bore
Was running round and round the floor,
Each morning.
Nothing made us sicker
As it over-dosed the ticker there,
Each morning.
Round and round,
And round and round,
We all had to go.
We .. hopped, skipped,
Then we side-slipped and so,
It always was monotonous,
For ev'ry single one of us,
Each morning.

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