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Ironically, to be sung to the old tune 'M-O-T-H-E-R' !
Words composed by John on Friday Evening 5th March 2004

[F] is tae the Fun we hid as (F)aimly
[A] an [I] spak nivver lang (A)pa(I)rt.
[T] is tae the oors his een wur (T)winklin.
[H] is tae his Haimilt-ness o (H)airt.
[E] is tae his (E)eksy-peeksy pairtin.
[R]'s tae (Richt), eeswally richt wis he.
Fan a jine thon thochts they mak ‘BRAW FAITHER’,
A mannie fa wis aa tae me.

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