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Jine Me the Morn i Scotland

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 29th February, 2004,
to the tune for 閃eet me Tonight in Dreamland.

Jine me the morn in Scotland,
Wi aa its reyn an snaa.
Weer yer auld kilt an bunnet,
Worsit scerf roon yer maw.
Cam wi strang hikin beets oan,
Fu redd tae reenge its braes.
Syne fan in Scotland,
Cauld, bonny Scotland,
We値l wanner mony days.

Efter we致e wauked loats bens' rigs,
Sypit richt throw we値l be.
Bit lichtin bothy's ingle,
We値l hiv het shallies o bree.
Syne we値l be muckle waarmer,
Wa frae sherp sleet an reyn.
We値l sang an blether,
Oot aa ull wither,
Thit cloods an welkin sen.

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