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There's Nane Sae

Composed by John Henderson on May 3rd 2007.

Gweed = God
chiel = person
screeve = write
bleat = stupid
fell = clever
turk = angry
gaakitness = stupidity
chiels = people
dool = sad
blate = shy
teem = empty
troo = trust

There's nane sae deef as them wha wullnae list;
An' nane sae blin as them wha wullnae leuk.
But Gweed's nae chiel wha fails tae hear and see,
Sae screeves sich doon in his accoontin beuk.

There's nane sae bleat as them wha wullna lairn;
An nane sae fell as cannae tak in mair.
But Gweed wha wisses fowks wull aye impruv,
Gets turk wi' sich lik gaakitness doon here.

There's nane sae braw as chiels wi' twinklin een;
An' nane sae dool as them wha wauk aleen.
But Gweed is guid an' finds the blate a pal,
Weel kennin life is teem wi'oot a freen.

Tho' nane o' us weel kens fit-wye we're here;
An' aften wonner whit life's aa aboot,
We maun pit oor troo in Gweed's kine hans.
That we belang tae Him there is nae doot.

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