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Simmer Campin

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 29th June, 2007
to Mysels, Robertson and Cogane's 1939 song, "We Three".

Very Brief Musical Introduction ... then ...

Och here comes the reyn, an it's fair stoatin.
Gin it gings oan lik this, oor tent'll seen be floatin.


A tent doon oan the shore,
O' St Andrews it shid be,
Richt halesome, for maist fowks, ye'd gree?

The bairns whit wull they dae,
Whan their castles bigg'd sae braw
Git cowpit, syne aa waash'd, awa?

Och it's disappyntin,
Loats thunner an lightnin,
It frichts them tee!

I stan in a dither,
An sae dis thur mither,
Shid we pack oor tent an flee?

Naithin, bit cloods an reyn,
Whan we ging oan holiday,
In July, in August or May.

Repeat Refrain ....

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