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Flooers Jiggin at Hallowe'en

Nonsense lyrics composed by John Henderson on 31st October, 2007
[whan bogles are aboot!] tae a wee tune caa'd 'Sunflower Dance'.

Ay whan today I wis gairdenin an saw flooers dance,
I syne thocht, "Nae ither fowks wull git this teep o chance."
Losh there were flooers daen wul echtsome reels wi leaves oan hicht,
Whilk made me rub ma een nae shair I wis seein them aaricht.

The sun wis sheenin brichtly, an nae pirr-winnie blew abeen;
Were bogles wirkin glamourie upoan the scene?
The weeds were leukin feerious, bit couldnae mak a meeve oot there,
For flooers hid the upper-han an heeld the flair.

Seen I stappit aa ma gairdenin as mair flooers jined
In wee reels an jigs thegither whilk near blew ma mynd.
Mang them were pansies daen pas-de-bas oan slender pins,
Fyles cockin snoots richt blythely at the pelargoniums.

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