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Twa Speens Spoon

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 3rd November, 2007
to Gus Edwards' music for 'By the Light of the Silvery Moon',
played here by 'Perfessor' Bill Edwards.

Introductory Music

Widd'n speen,
Dool loon,
Silver speen she's makin een at him.
Ilk lie,
Redd-wytin fur the aeters nait and trim.
Loon seen,
In teen,
Sangs to her, "Whaur micht we twa speens spoon?"
She trills, "Fur thrills,
In oor draw'r this efternoon!"

Tae the mirk,
O the chiffonier there,
Gaed thon baul pair,
Tae stairt aff thur luv affair.

Withoot care,
Fur Heid-Teaspeenie's glare,
Bricht silver speen,
An wid loon keen,
Wur a-canoodlin seen
Jist as ye wid hiv deen!

Short Interlude ....

Neist day,
Baith gae,
'Wa aff tae the preist doon in the toon,
Wha blest,
Wi zest,
Him likin the bride's silver waddin goon.
Groom seen,
In teen,
Sang tae her, "Whaur wull we twa speens spoon?"
She smiled,
Fair beguiled,
"In oor draw'r this efternoon!"

Tae the depths,
O the auld chiffonier,
Gaed the fond pair,
Fur tae bed-doon thur mairrage there.

Nae yin speired,
Or syne enterfered,
As baith the speens,
Wi aa thur means
Cam curduddochy freens,
As Mither Naitur ordeens!

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