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Ma Wee Johnny

With inspiration from a 1940 poem, 'Wee Hughie', by Elizabeth Shane,
John composed these touching lyrics on 7th November, 2007,
to fit part of the tune to 'My Sweetheart's the Man in the Moon'.

Aff tae schule is ma wee Johnny,
Tho he's ainly four.
An I'd seen the fear wi'in him,
As he'd left ma door.
Noo he's tichtly haudin tae Jimmy's coat-tails
Neist tae cousin Ann;
Bit the shivers are upoan him -
Och, the puir wee man.

Aff tae schule is ma Johnny,
Aa nait an trim,
As he trots-oan pins aa shoogly,
Wi his taes turn'd in.
An I'm tremblin hearin his pitter-patter,
Jist lik my hairt's poond,
Because the mair his feet ging forrit,
Aye his heid tirns roond.

Whit a dool leuk, I'll ca' him?
Bit syne think, NAE.
Though I'll feel fair loast wi'oot him,
I ken he maun gae.
Bit aye twiggin-bit glint o ma wee laddie,
Me! Oh Me! Oh My!
Darlin Johnny, ye are greetin -
Mebbe, sae wull I.

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