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Us Twa For Aye

Lyrics composed by John on 18th November, 2007
to Sydney Baynes' memorable "Destiny Waltz" (1912).

The Loon sings ...

"Wull ye come an dince wi me?
Pleese tak the flair wi me.
Ticht in ma airms ye'll be,
An aa ma carks wull flee,
Roon an roon we ging;
Ye'll mak me feel lik a king,
Till, ow'r seen for me,
I'll hiv tae pairt frae ye."

The Quine sings ....

"Braw lad I thenk an accep ye;
I wonner'd whit it wis thit kept ye;
Lang hiv I howped it wid be ye
Wha spang'd-ow'r the dince-flair tae me."

Baith syne sing .....

"Oor waltz wis wondrous e'n amazin,
Fyle intae ilk's een we kept-oan gazin,
Kindlin luv seen tae be blazin, 'fore jynin
Us twa for aye."

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