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Bens an Bairns

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Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 23rd of November, 2007,
to the late Jim MacLeod and his Band playing, 'The Brig o' Balgownie'.

Ben Vorlich

Ben Vorlich

Aa the Bens stan sae prood i' auld Scotia,
Snoots aft weel happit wi snaa;
Stey braes aa roon, wi burns skelpin doon
Tae lochans i' straths gey braw.
Farivver awa I div wanner,
Dool thochts thit baither ma hairt,
Are aye aboot ma bonnie heilans,
An fit wye frae them I did pairt.

Ma nar faim'ly an freens bide i' Scotia,
Bairns an graunbairnies an aa;
Wha wirk an play, leern mair ilka day
I' sicht o' prood Bens sae braw.
Tho' lang miles awa in waarm Cyprus,
Fond mem'ries bide i' ma hairt,
Nae jist aboot thase bonnie bairnies,
Bit Scotia frae whilk I did pairt.

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