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Aiburdeen Awa

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 29th November, 2007,
to the tune for the song 'Memories Of You' that was written
by Andy Razaf and Eubie Blake and published in 1930

Faither speers his mairrit dochter....

“Dae ye myn, o' oor time,
In auld Aiburdeen?
Ye wur wee,
Bonnie tee,
Growen up ow'r seen.

Doon the street, ye wid meet
Freens an ging tae schule;
Ilka bairn,
Aff tae lairn,
Nae tae bide a fule.

Gin ye cud, it micht be guid
Tae ging back tae thase days,
An re-live they thingies ...
Thit are maist-lik mirk-cloodit memories?”

Mairrit dochter replees ....

"Thon it be, history
In oor Aiburdeen
Och, Na! Na!
It's awa!
Fit's been maun bide BEEN."

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