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A Guff Tae Up Wi Pit

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 27th November, 2007, based on a story often told by his 'Dominie Faither', The accompanying music is part of the late Jim Macleod's Dance Band playing 'The Caledonian Two-Step'.

Prood Maisie McCurdie cam up tae schule,
Scunnert wi whit she'd been telt
Bi dochter wee Meg thit verra morn,
Thit missie hid said thit she smell'd.
Syne she chappit richt lood oan the missie's door,
For Maisie McCurdie wisna scared
Tae tell ony miss a thing or twa,
Lik hoo she'd weel mairk her caird. ....

"Noo hearken miss we baith weel ken
Meg's nae sweet smellin rose,
An syne betimes her guff micht
Tribble ony nose;
Bit ye'll agree, thit thon is nae
Whit ye git yer wages fur,
Sae leern wee Meg, foryetin
Kneggums frae-aff o' her."

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