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Ye Acht Them [You Owe Them]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 2nd of January, 2008
to E.C. Keithley's 1911 music to the song, 'Garland of Old-Fashioned Roses'.

Short Musical Introduction

Whan lang syne ma paarents
Wauk'd this airth a wee,
Ah teuk maist fur granted
The guid they'd deen fur me.

Noo ma hairt is doolsome,
Wonn'rin gin they kent
Thit Ah wis myndfu aye, an thenkfu
Fur the tent they'd spent.

Ay, whan yir auld mither an faither
Wauk slawer bi the oor,
Dinna foryet thit ye acht them
Aa luv thit's in yir pooer.

Sae weel mynd tae spak wi them affen,
Kennin ain day ye'll be
As donnert an jaup as they're feelin,
Wi jist a puckle tae gie.
KEITHLEY, Earnest Clinton, Born 15 Nov 1876 in Greenfield, INDIANA.
A composer - cornet soloist in Louisville, Macauley's Theater, Natiallo's band.
Then in Chicago, wrote "Garland of Old Fashioned Roses,"
and "I'll Return, Mother Darling, to You".

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