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Ilk's Troo'd Lass an Lad

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 17th of January, 2008
to Nat Vincent's 1920's tune to 'Pretty Little Cinderella'.

Musical Introduction

Hearken jist a wee nar me
Tae the wirds Ah sing - teen tee;
Syne ye wull shair seen agree, baith's myndin ye
Hoo guid luv eest tae be.
Fur whan the sin gaed slaw-lik doon,
Ye an yir braw jo wid spoon;
Syne wauk haun in haun, feelin sae graun,
Fyle aft tae her ye wid croon ....

"Ye maun be jist the bonniest lass in aa o Gweed's airth,
An Ah ettle tae pruv tae ye jist hoo muckle ye are wirth;
Nae gowd oar siller cud ivver buy yer roon an shaply girth -
Bit Ah wull gie ye - ma hairt, an waarm hairth.
Whit's mair Ah weel ken yir guid keukin wull aye kep me strang,
An ye'll tak guid tent o oor bairns whan they'll shair come 'lang;
Naethin wull ivver pairt us frae the winnerfu day thit we wad -
Aye ilk's troo'd lassie an lad."

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