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Alane Nae Mair?

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 31st January, 2008,
to William Kernell's 1928 music for "Sally Of My Dreams',
the theme song of one of the first film 'talkies', "Mother Knows Best".

Brief Introduction ....

Syne the East Neuk o Fife's
Whaur Ah've been alane fer aa ma life
Wi'oot a lass tae caa ma jo
Tho' Ah've huntit hich an low
Bit since Ah've fun ye
An ye seem tae fancy me
Ah howp ye'll bide-a-wee noo
Fyle Ah ettle-tae sing tae ye .......

"Lassie ...
Pictur in aa o' ma dreams
Yer braw-like leuks
Fair waakened me
Syne they thirlt me .....

Mebbe ...
Lassie ye micht'iv tee
Hid a dream-pictur in yer ee
O' a bauch laddie the likes o' me?

Let's sik a quait nook
Doon bi yon babblin brook
Amang the flooers
An mak aa oor dreamin come tae be?

Ay, lassie
Sae bonnie tae ony een
The day we'll be whusperin
'I luv ye'
It cud weel be verra seen?"

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